Winter Doldrums

I have been doing some knitting, mostly socks. My motivation has dropped somewhat, since I don’t have much time to knit anymore. I look at some interesting patterns, but I need something quick to knit, and to remember. Some of the patterns I like best are complicated, with a lot of charts. But you can’t easily put those aside for months, then pick them back up and get right back into the flow of the pattern. So socks it is.

I’ve finished one Kai-Mei from Sock Innovations, and started a second. I’ve also finished one Mingus, and started a second. The Mingus was a complicated chart, and I had to rip back at one point, because I was repeating the wrong section. Otherwise it turned out well, but I haven’t made much progress on the second sock.


Summertime Rolls

I went through a sock knitting phase several months back, finishing one Mingus sock, a toe up sock, and starting two second socks. Since then I’ve hardly done much of anything. I have some fancy new patterns, from Knit.Sock.Love., and a crocheted shawl pattern, but I haven’t had much desire to knit. I’ve felt really tired lately, and I keep waiting for it to end, but so far it hasn’t. I don’t know if it’s the medication I’m on, Carvedilol, or my heart problems. I do know with PPCM, you can go through periods of extreme fatigue, then back to somewhat normal, and it’s part of the recovery process. I’m concentrating on working out, and if I feel too tired to do much else, then I don’t do anything. I also notice that my energy level is affected by eating too much sodium, so I’m trying to cut back. It’s difficult though. I really like salty food, and I can see why people have difficulty changing their diets, whether it’s ordered by their doctor or they want to lose weight.

Hopefully I can finish my two socks by the end of the summer, and be ready to wear them for fall.

Tentative Fall Knitting

We carved our pumpkins on Halloween, and I had to let him inspect them first. He had fun just hitting them pumpkins and kicking them. Most games he plays seems to involve hitting stuff or shaking it. It’s pretty funny to watch, except he’s getting more insistent about stuff that he wants. I didn’t think babies started acting like toddlers this young, at ten months. He hasn’t learned to properly crawl yet, but still is managing to get into all kinds of stuff and bonk his head on everything.  

I haven’t done very much knitting at all. I find it difficult to get into a project. Once I figure out where the pattern and needles are, then read the pattern or cast on, then my knitting time is up. I might have to transition to making garter stitch afghans, so I won’t have to think about the pattern. I did manage to knit a hat, and finished a sleeve on a sweater I’ve been working on for literally a year. Only one sleeve to go, so it should be done sometime in the summer.  This pattern is the Master Charles pattern, from Knit Picks. It was easy and fast, except he pulls it off half the time.  

Rock Garden

Rock Garden, originally uploaded by sphilange.

I went to the Japanese Garden a few weeks ago. It was really peaceful and made me wish I could have a garden. I live in an apartment, so I’d have to find an urban garden to use. I plan on going back in the late spring when everything’s blooming. Plus I walked around a lot and didn’t notice any shortness of breath. This rock garden overlooks the city, and I could barely see Mt. Hood in the distance.

Having gotten congestive heart failure makes me appreciate being able to walk around and exercise. I haven’t lost much of my pregnancy weight, but I’m back to feeling more normal. It will take a while to get back to where I was at, fitness-wise. I was working out regularly, lifting weights and doing aerobics. It is pretty frustrating because I can remember doing something with no problem, like certain ab exercises, and now I can’t do them at all. I didn’t realize pregnancy did such a number on the abs, making them so much weaker. I just have to start over again and work back up to my previous fitness level.

Springtime Update

I haven’t posted for a long time, mostly due to illness and personal stuff. I haven’t been knitting much lately either. I have a lot less time now, mostly due to this little guy.

 I had a lot of complications towards the end of the pregnancy, and after the birth. I had preeclampsia show up when I went into labor, and had to have an emergency C-section. I stayed in the hospital several days, then shortly afterward developed congestive heart failure. Apparently it isn’t uncommon for pregnant women to have heart issues. I don’t know if the preeclampsia caused the heart failure or I already had a problem with my heart that I didn’t know about. Either way, it made recovery very difficult. My heart has gotten better since then, but I wish I had known it was a possibility before I was pregnant. I wanted to have a natural birth and breastfeed, but because of the medication I’m on, I wasn’t able to. I had such strong ideas of how I wanted the birth to be, and it’s disappointing that I had the opposite, with lots of medical interventions and a difficult labor. Of course it was all worth it, I just wish it had been an easier birth.

February Lady Sweater Progress

February Lady Sweater, originally uploaded by sphilange.

I’ve been finishing up projects mostly, but I had to start this one. It’s been on my list for a while now. The garter stitch yoke went pretty quickly, and the lace part is easy to memorize. It’s kind of boring, but good when you don’t want to pay a whole lot of attention. I’m using Cascade 220, and the color is closer to light blue. I’m making the smallest size, 35″. It seems like it will stretch and I think the yoke part especially will look better with negative ease.

I’ve been in the mood to make sweaters lately,instead of socks. I’ve got a couple of socks that need a mate. I need to learn how to make two socks at once, so I can get both done simutaneously.

Yarn Swift


I got a new yarn swift, and wound up a couple of skeins of yarn. It is so much easier than doing it by hand. Since I started knitting socks, most of the yarn comes in skeins, so it’s definitely worth getting the swift. My cat is really excited about it as well.

The Coast


During the heat wave we had, I went to the coast to cool off. The beach is so relaxing, I wish I could have a summer house there. It’s nice to see the fog when the temperatures in the city are near 95. I didn’t get to see any tide pools, though. Those are my favorite part of the coast. The other thing I like is that the sand is so clean. I must have gone to some really dirty beaches, because I’m used to not being able to walk around barefoot on the sand. But I did walk barefoot and the sand was nice and warm, compared to the freezing ocean water.


I went and saw the fireworks downtown, next to the river. I don’t think I’ve been to a fireworks show with so many people since I was a kid. The fireworks were pretty good, and I saw some in nearby neighborhoods.

I haven’t been knitting too much lately. I’m trying to finish up some WIPs before I start any new projects. I want to knit a lacy shawl this summer, and I even have the yarn for it. I have about 6 or 7 WIPs, so I have to finish at least 3 before I’ll start. I’m leaning towards Eunny Jang’s Print o’ the Wave Stole. I will use Knit Picks Gloss Lace in Aegean, I think. I haven’t made any fancy lace shawls yet, and I’ve been really wanting to.


I’m in the middle of moving to another city. It’s hard to go through all my stuff and get rid of things I don’t need. I tend to accumulate a lot of junk that I don’t want to get rid of. I haven’t moved in a long time, so there’s a lot of stuff that’s piled up. I planned on organizing my stash by the type of yarn, or the season I would use it in, but I ended up just getting a bunch of storage bins and putting it in all together.

Even still, I managed to finish a couple of projects the last few days. The Phyllo Yoked Pullover, the Lace Tee, and Roza’s Socks. They all turned out pretty good, except I think I’ll redo the sleeves on the Lace Tee. They should be a little wider. These projects have taken me at least a year each to do. I did the soles, toes, and heels of Roza’s Socks on size 0 needles, so that took a little longer.

I started knitting socks a couple years ago and abandoned all my other projects. Socks just seem to go faster, and I don’t have to think about the colors. I can get fuschia and orange yarn, and not worry about which colors would look good on me, as a sweater.


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